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XS Minimalist Suppressor Height Tritium Night Sights feature a notch and post sight picture. The rear is blacked out to increase contrast against the front sight and equipped with anti-glare serrations. The front sight is available in orange and is equipped with our Ember Glow Dot Technology. Ember absorbs ambient light and glows in low light. The front tritium lamp charges the Ember dot making the front sight glow brightly, keeping focus down range. Minimalist sights are the brightest options for fast and accurate shooting in bright and low light.

XS Minimalist sights for HK VP9 OR (Optics Ready) pistols are regulated to be lower 1/3 co-witness on Trijicon RMR and Holosun 507 optics. The sights are not tall enough to clear the battery box on Vortex Venom, Burris Fast Fire, or Leupold Delta Point Pro red dots. All clearance testing has been tested on HK factory optic mounting plates and we can not speak to aftermarket mounting plates. The front sight is 0.415” tall and the rear sight is 0.500” tall. If making height/optic compatibility calculations, be sure to factor in the mounting plate height.


 XS Minimalist Tritium Night Sights for HK VP9 OR and Suppressor Height sets are lower 1/3 co-witnessed for a Trijicon RMR or Holosun 507C. The lower 1/3 co-witness minimizes the amount of space the front sight takes up in the optic's window. XS’s durability and color options allow for greater flexibility and confidence when using suppressor heights as back-up iron sights for RDO. XS Minimalist sights have been mounted with HK’s #2 factory optic mounting plate RMR and Holosun optics. The mount doesn’t come with new screws. Save the screws holding the cover plate or make sure to purchase a new set of screws when ordering the mounting plate.

Minimalist front sights come in Optic Orange which is based primarily on yellow with a hint of red to ensure visibility in low light when uncharged. The increased surface area of the convex dot increases light absorption, intensifying the charge of the glow properties of the dot. Orange is the preferred bright-light choice of many XS customers.

HK VP9 OR Minimalist Sights are sized at .144" and positioned for target shooters, our Standard Dot front sights are an excellent option for target guns or shooters looking for a smaller front sight option. 

Minimalist sights are all about simplicity. The blacked-out rear reduces focus points and uses serrations to eliminate glare from bright back-lighting. The reduced illumination on the back of the slide drives focus downrange. When paired with a red dot, the non-tritium rear increases focus on the reticle vs. a 2-dot tritium rear sight. In low-light, two glowing tritium lamps can be distracting from the primary optics illuminated reticle. The rear notch width is 15% wider than the front post to increase visible light around the front edges, giving you a more precise alignment. Our minimalist design provides a fast line of sight to the front sight, helping you get rounds on target quickly and accurately. 

Non-tritium rear sights offer the tactical benefit of maximum contrast between our bright tritium/photoluminescent front sights and the blacked-out rear. The simplicity of the part ensures the alignment points are crisp and clear.

  • Tritium Powered Front Sight - Glows in low light to aid in sight alignment
  • High-Contrast Color Front Sight - Available in bright orange
  • Ember Glow Dot - Photoluminescent dot absorb ambient light and glows in low light
  • Rear Sight Overhang - Reduces rear sight glare in bright light for greater sight definition
  • Anti-Reflective Rear Serrations - Reduces glare in bright light and increases contrast against the front sight
  • Rear Sight Ledge - Aids in one-handed slide manipulations
  • CNC Steel - Extremely durable for duty use
  • 10 Year Warranty - No Questions Asked Night Sight Warranty
  • Easy Installation - Easily install by hand or sight pusher tool
  • Fits standard holster options
  • Item Number: HK-M017P-4N
  • Fits: HK VP9 Optic Ready - Suppressor Height

Minimalist sights are installable by sight pusher tools or by using a hammer and punch.

Link to XS Installation Instructions

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