Optic Orange Glow Dot

Optic Orange Big Dot

Optic Orange is the best color option for bright light environments and offers high contrast against different backgrounds in natural light. The high contrast orange draws the eyes' focus to the front sight, allowing for shooters to index their front sight faster and make a more accurate shot. Many people see orange best, which makes it the preferred color option.

Original White Big Dot vs. Optic Orange Big Dot In Bright Light
 DXT Gen 1 White DXT2 Optic Orange

In most situations, people rarely find themselves in completely dark settings. Our DXT2 and F8 Tritium Night Sights are equipped with our patent pending Glow Dot technology. When exposed to light, the dot absorbs and stores the energy. The photoluminescent properties will cause the dot to glow for many hours, greatly increasing the dot's visibility in low light. Our second-generation sights are three times as bright as our Gen 1 sights.

Original White Big Dot vs. Optic Orange Big Dot In Low Light
 DXT Gen 1 White DXT2 Optic Orange

Humans lose the ability to see color in low to no light situations. The eye begins to see color in grayscale using rod cells. In low light, white reflects the most light making it the most visible color, our Gen 1 sights are the most visible option in these conditions. Red colors are the first color that human eyes lose the ability to see in low light. Our proprietary orange is more focused on the yellow color spectrum, allowing the dot to maintain visibility longer in low light levels if there is no ambient light present to charge the Glow Dot.

Remember, while science provides a backbone to what situations a specific color will excel in, most often the choice comes down to personal preference and which color an individual can see better.

Click here to learn more about how humans see color and how eye cone and rod cells work in varying lighting scenarios.

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