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The Next Step In Night Sight Innovation Is Here

XS second-generation night sights are equipped with our patent-pending glow dot. In bright light, the Glow Dot is visible with a high-contrast yellow or orange option. When exposed to light, the dot absorbs and stores the energy. In low light, the photoluminescent properties will cause the dot to glow for many hours -- providing a bigger, brighter front sight when seconds count.

Light is almost always present, and most defensive shooting situations do not take place in complete darkness. They happen somewhere in between the spectrum from bright to low light. Our Glow Dot Technology uses all surrounding light, absorbs it, and provides a brighter front sight.

Optic Yellow glows the brightest and Optic Orange contrasts the best against different backgrounds in bright light settings.

Click here to learn more about the science between our Optic Yellow and Optic Orange Glow Dot options.

Our Glow Dot Technology absorbs all ambient light waves. The photoluminescent properties will produce different results based on the light wave intensity and duration of exposure.

High lumen exposure will provide a glow intensity comparable to the top image. High lumen light sources need under 1 second of exposure for a peak charge and will glow from 1 to 4 hours.

Below are some samples of high lumen options.
  • Sunlight
  • Tactical flashlights that rated at 500 lumens or higher (After 500 the peak charge brightness will not increase)
  • UV light

Low lumen exposure is more realistic for most scenarios and will glow comparably to the bottom image. Low lumen charges from fluorescent office light, incandescent light bulbs, and other room lighting fixtures will charge the glow dot within 5 to 30 seconds. The dot will glow longer when exposed to light for periods greater than 1 minute, but it will be glowing enough to make the front sight more visible than the tritium vial, aiding in front sight acquisition in high-stress defensive scenarios.

Below are some samples of low lumen light options.
  • Fluorescent and LED office lighting
  • Incandescent 60-watt bulbs
  • 50 to 120-lumen flashlights

The glow duration will vary and is dependent on light wave exposure and duration of exposure. After two hours the human eye will still be able to see the dot glow, but the tritium's glow will be more predominant at this point.

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