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Shotgun, Bead on Plain Barrel - Big Dot Tritium - Front Sight Only

Epoxy Over Existing #6 Bead
Item: SG-2003-3  Ample Stock
  Manufacturer: XS Sight Systems, Inc.
Your Price: $65.00
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XS Big Dot Tritium Front Sights

The Big Dot Tritium front sight improves sight acquisition speed and tritium enhances Low-Light use of the defensive shotgun.

    Glues over front bead.   Bead must be 0.120”-0.140” in diameter.  Suggest Brownells #6 or #26 bead if factory is not of correct size.  May require opening up bead hole to larger size by drilling & tapping. Mossberg factory bead with hex base must be replaced.

    Conversion bead for Mossberg shotguns included in kit.


    • Easy Installation.
    • Epoxies over the existing front bead sight.
    • Trijicon® Tritium vials.

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    XS Sights are available as factory–installed original equipment on select firearms from these fine manufacturers:

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    24/7 Tritium Sights

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    XS 24/7 Tritium Sights use Trijicon® Tritium vials.

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